The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Architectural Design

The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Architectural Design

Learn the practical skills & techniques required to create a Modern Home with Sketchup, Vray Next & Photoshop

Language: English

Instructors: Manish Paul Simon

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Course Curriculum

Why this course?


You've just stumbled upon the most complete, in-depth Sketchup & Vray course for Architectural Design. These comprehensive Sketchup & Vray tutorials cover everything you'll ever need to become the best Architect out there.

>>> Updated at the start of November 2021 (BRAND NEW EXTERIOR VRAY 5 + SKETCHUP 2021 MASTERCLASS SECTION on how to create a Photorealistic Exterior Day & Night Render) <<<

This course is designed to jumpstart your Sketchup, Vray & Architecture Journey, wherein we take you Step by Step with a Real-Life Residential Project and get you up & running to design your favourite Residential Home efficiently, quickly and in the right way.

Why this Course?

  • Comprehensive coverage of the essential tools to design a Residence like walls, openings, elevations, stairs & more - Learn not only how every tool works but also how to apply it in the right way in your Sketchup workflow.
  • Downloadable Resources - Exercise files like ****Sketchup Models for every lecture & section so you can follow along step by step.
  • Learn from an expert - I've been using Sketchup for over 10 years and I will be sharing all my skills and secrets which has helped me model faster, efficiently and most importantly, amaze clients.
  • Monthly Updates - This course will be updated on a monthly basis with new high-quality tutorials and resources and you will get an in-depth understanding of how to design a modern contemporary bedroom, modular kitchen & more.
  • Taught by an Architect & BIM Consultant - We not only learn about modelling & rendering in Sketchup, but you will also learn useful interior design tips, standards, and secrets along the way from the instructor who has over 6+ years of experience in the Industry.
  • Access to Exclusive Sketchup & Vray Library - All our students will get exclusive access to our Sketchup Library for every Exterior Design space worth over 150$. These models can be imported directly into your scene and rendered since it comes preloaded with Vray materials.

Who is this Course For?

  • Architects
  • Architecture Students
  • Design Professionals who want to learn 3D
  • Construction Professionals
  • Anyone with an interest in 3D Modelling in Sketchup
  • Anyone with an interest in 3D Rendering with Vray Next for Sketchup
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Agencies and Corporations - If you want to get team members within your company up to standard, we can do that for you..
  • 3D Artists - If you want to build a reputation as a 3D Artist this program will give you that foundation.
  • Beginner to Advanced Sketchup Users

(note that this course will be taught on the Windows version but the same techniques can be applied on Mac as well)

What you will Learn?

It is crucial that when you learn Sketchup, you start with the right fundamentals (which is also easy to pick up). Once you've picked up on the fundamentals of 3D Modelling, we jump into more advanced topics using specific Sketchup plugins, to take your modelling to the Next Level.

This course is divided into Four Sections

Prior to Section 01, we will have the introduction and how to install Sketchup, Vray & all the essential plugins

Section 01 - An Introduction to Sketchup

In Section 01, we will start with the fundamentals

  • We will learn about the Sketchup Interface & its simplicity.
  • Understand most-used common tools
  • Importance of modelling with Groups & Components.
  • Assign shortcuts & learn to model faster & efficiently.
  • Create Sections & export views into CAD drawings

Section 02 - Sketchup (Modeling a Contemporary Residence

In Section 02, we will learn to model our entire home in Sketchup as per residential standards.

  • We will start this section with a brief introduction to Residential Design & the importance of vastu in residences.
  • We will learn to import our CAD drawing into Sketchup
  • How to model walls, openings, floor slabs, roof slabs, doors & windows in Sketchup
  • How to model Balcony doors & railings in Sketchup
  • Learn to create dog-legged stairs in Sketchup
  • Create a Parametric Glass Facade using plugins like curviloft, Bezier spline, joint push tool & more.
  • We then learn some Landscape Modelling Techniques Taught in this Section.
  • Learn to model the Site & its surroundings in Sketchup.
  • Learn to model Terrain using the Sandbox tools & Artisan Tools in Sketchup.
  • Learn to use the Laubwerk plugin to add trees & plants to the scene.
  • Setting up Camera Angles using Scenes in Sketchup

Section 03 - Vray Next for Sketchup

In Section 03, we jump into the world of photorealistic rendering with Vray Next for Sketchup.

  • We will be introduced to the Vray Interface & the Vray Asset Editor
  • Learn to set up lights in Vray (Photographic Approach with the Archgyan Lighting System)
  • Create a Studio, add 3D Warehouse models, adjust lights  & materials, and create a final render of our Hyundai Car in the Studio.
  • Create a Vray Library and Apply Materials.
  • Final Adjustments in Sketchup & Vray Next
  • Finally rendering of our scene with appropriate render elements for post-production in photoshop.

Section 04 - Post-Production in Photoshop

In Section 04, we enhance our render even more through post-production techniques in Photoshop

  • Learn to bring in render elements the right way into photoshop & apply the right blending effects.
  • Adding Skies & Trees in the background.
  • Using Brushes in photoshop & locking layers.
  • Adding Cutouts like humans & animals into the scene.
  • Adding a Concrete Texture to Walls, Roads & Footpaths.
  • Final Adjustments in Photoshop using adjustment layers.
  • By the end of this section, you will have created an amazing Modern Residence in under 2 hours. But that's not all!! 

Section 05 - Exterior Workshop with Vray 5, Skatter 2, & Quixel Megascans to Create Day & Night Render (NEW WORKSHOP)

In Section 05, we will learn to use the latest features of Vray and more:

  • Different camera positioning and lighting techniques in Vray
  • Skatter 2 to add 3D Grass in your scene
  • Chaos Cosmos to add entourage, trees, vehicles and more.
  • Quixel Megascans to add high-quality 3D models and materials from the Megascans library using Transmutr.
  • Learn to use plugins like SketchUV & Textureme to add Architectural Materials.
  • Learn to use PBR materials in Vray and edit them out.
  • Learn to convert any day render to night renders using the Lightmix Feature of Vray 5
  • And loads more


This is not a create and forget course. We will keep updating this course with new course content and add it to the future sections on a monthly basis. We will be updating our course description here as and when we release new tutorials and downloadable resources.

Special Features Provided

  • Downloadable Scenes, complete with all V-Ray Settings
  • Exclusive Student Group on Facebook
  • Exclusive Sketchup & Vray Library for Exterior Design

By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of Sketchup & Vray, and you will be well on your way to creating amazing renders for your clients.

How to Use

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