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Scene 01_How to Design and Render a Modern Contemporary Home Scene with Sketchup and Vray

Learn the practical skills & techniques required to create a Modern Home with Sketchup, Vray Next & Photoshop

Course Summary

You've just stumbled upon the most complete, in-depth Sketchup & Vray course for Exterior Design. These comprehensive Sketchup & Vray tutorials cover everything you'll ever need.

This course is designed to jumpstart your Sketchup,Vray & Architecture Journey, wherein we take you Step by Step with a Real-Life Residential Project and get you up & running to design your favourite Residential Home efficiently, quickly and in the right way.

Who is this Course for?

  • Architects
  • Architecture Students
  • Design Professionals who want to learn 3D
  • Construction Professionals
  • Anyone with an interest in 3D Modeling in Sketchup
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Agencies and Corporations - If you want to get team members within your company up to standard, we can do that for you..
  • 3D Artists - If you want to build a reputation as a 3D Artist this program will give you that foundation.
  • Beginner to Advanced Sketchup Users

What you'll learn

  • Learn the core Sketchup skills required to model a Contemporary Modern Residence faster & more efficiently.
  • Learn how to use advanced Sketchup Plugins to take your modeling skills to the next level.
  • Understand Vray lighting, materials, settings, render elements & more to create amazing Photorealistic Exterior Renders
  • Learn from a Real-Life Residential Project as we model & render a Contemporary Home, Site, Surroundings & more. 
  • STEP-BY-STEP process for modeling & rendering our Modern Home.
  • Understand Residential Design standards and styles required to design homes functionally and efficiently.


  • A computer with either Windows or Mac to install all the software & Sketchup plugins to model & render your Dream Home.
  • A strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and plenty of excitement about the awesome new Sketchup modeling & Vray rendering skills you will acquire in this Exterior Design course.
  • Nothing else! It's just you, your computer and your hunger to get started today.

Why this Course?

  • Comprehensive coverage of the essentials tools to design a Residence like walls, openings, elevations, stairs & more .Learn not only how every tool works but also how to apply it in the right way in your Sketchup workflow.
  • Downloadable Resources - Exercise files like Sketchup Models for every lecture & section so you can follow along step by step. Plus additional resources like PDFs & more.
  • Learn from an Expert - Manish Simon has been using Sketchup for over 10 years and he will be sharing all his skills and secrets which has helped him model faster, efficiently and most importantly, amaze clients.
  • Monthly Updates - This course will be updated on a monthly basis with new high quality tutorials and resources and you will get an in-depth understanding of how to design a modern contemporary bedroom, modular kitchen & more.
  • Taught by an Architect & BIM Consultant - We not only learn about modelling & rendering in Sketchup, but also learn useful interior design tips, standards, and secrets along the way from the instructor who has over 6+ years experience in the Industry.
  • Access to Exclusive Sketchup & Vray Library - All our students will get exclusive access to our Sketchup Library for every Exterior Design space worth over 150$. These models can be imported directly into your scene and rendered since it comes preloaded with Vray materials.

Course Curriculum

By the end of this section, you will have created an amazing Modern Residence in under 2 hours. But that's not all!!

This is not a create and forget course. We will keep updating this course with new course content and add it to future section on a monthly basis. We will be updating our course description here as and when we release new tutorials and downloadable resources.

Special Features Provided

  • Downlodable Scenes, complete with all V-Ray Settings
  • Exclusive Student Group on Facebook
  • Exclusive Sketchup & Vray Library for Exterior Design
  • Monthly live Training Sessions

  • By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of Sketchup & Vray Next, and you will be well on your way to creating amazing renders for your clients.


Is this course for everyone?

This course is designed for anyone who has a keen interest in interior & exterior design. We take you step by step in the entire design process right modeling, rendering to post-production and by the end of the course, you will have enough skills to create your dream spaces. You don't need any kind of history in design to take this course.

What Sofware do you use?

The primary software used for modeling is Sketchup and the plug-in V-ray is used for rendering the model. Additionally Photoshop is used for post-production and for refining your renders to make it look even more photo-realistic.

How long is the course?

5+ hours for Exterior Design

How long can I access the course?

You have lifetime access to these courses.

Can I download the videos?

Unfortunately we do not have the download option We want to prevent piracy of our content. You will be able to watch the tutorials on our website.

Can I get a discount when buying more than one of the same course?

We do have an exclusive bundle offer going on. You can purchase all of our courses and avail a discount for the whole bundle.

Are the assets included in the course?

There are around 200+ downloadable resources included in this course.

What effects can I expect?

Make at least 10% of what is shown in the course and you will be ahead of 90% of the industry. You will be really, really impressed!

Why is this a great investment?

Apart from learning how to model & render efficiently, you'll be part of an exclusive private student community group and also have 1 year access to weekly live sessions and workshops by Manish. So many perks at such an affordable price is a once in a lifetime investment especially if you're planning to kickstart your career in the design field.

Hi there! I'm a Bangalore-based Architect, Interior Designer, 3D Artist, author, and BIM consultant. I'm also an Autodesk Certified Revit Professional and love the world of BIM.

After graduating from School of Planning & Architecture, Vijayawada in 2015, I went on to work with eminent Architects throughout India for over 5+ years. I have played many a role during this process right from being an Architect, to a 3D Artist, Interior Designer and very recently as a BIM Consultant for a large MNC. I have gained immense experience over the years and I am now passionate about sharing this knowledge with you.

My goal as an instructor is to create comprehensive step-by-step courses that break down not only the software that us Architects use but also the thought process and the guidelines that we follow when we approach design. I like to build the kind of material that I myself would have loved to have when I was starting out.

I'm passionate about teaching and would love to help in bringing out the "designer" within you. See you in a course soon!

P.S. I also host a podcast show called the Archgyan Podcast which you guys can check out on any major podcast platform like Itunes, spotify, etc and on our website.

P.S.S. Feel free to reach out to me on Linkedin & I'll be happy to answer any of your questions.